California's Garden Water Fountains Analysis and Results

The 1st US city to implement a tax on sugary drinks was Berkley, California in February 2014. angel cherub__67925.original.jpg The goal is to get everyone drinking more water and other natural beverages by elevating the price of soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks. First, the city conducted research to assess whether residents had easy access to functioning drinking water fountains. Using data collected by a mobile GPS app, professionals were able to identify the condition of existing water fountains in Berkley. The US Census Community Study database was used to amass information pertaining to race and economic status in these segments. Evaluations were made amongst the location and demographic data, disclosing whether class differences affected availability to clean, working water fountains. They were in a position to determine the demographics of regions surrounding active fountains, as well as the tidiness and maintenance of fountains across different communities. The cleanliness of many fountains was found lacking, even if most were working.

Chatsworth Garden and its Dazzling Cascading Water Fountain

At the rear of Chatsworth House, the Cascade garden fountain forms a spectacular centerpiece to the landscape. Extending down the hillside for 200 yards in the direction of the home is a group of 24 irregularly spaced stone steps. The Cascade, also completely gravity fed, is primarily based on a 17th century French design. This water fountain has continued the same after being designed for the first Duke of Devonshire in 1696. At the apex of the fountain, from which water runs downward, is the Cascade House. Water creatures in bas-relief beautify the external part of the dwelling which is a small-scale building. Making the Cascade House to become part of the Cascade pageant, on unique occasions water pressure to the Cascade can be increased, as liquid runs through ducts on its rooftop and from the mouths of its carved sea creatures, before proceeding down the Cascade. The dimensions of each step was made slightly different and means that the sound of the water cascading differs as it falls down the Cascades, offering a remarkable and soothing accompaniment to a stroll through the gardens. In 2004, Chatsworth's Cascade, was voted England's best water feature.

Alluring Fountains for Cats

Does your cat like to leap onto the counter when he hears the tap? Does he sip water from the toilet or feel the water in his bowl before trying it? Cats tend to favor water that is flowing, as this behavior shows. As a matter of fact, they do not posses a strong natural tendency to hydrate.

In nature, cats tend to eat moisture-rich meat, which means they do not need to regularly search for water.

For this reason, an intuitive desire for water never evolved in felines. That said, domesticated cats do in fact need extra water, so it is up to you to supply it. Cat fountains are a simple way to supply a water supply for your pet.

Having one will ensure your cat has enough water around when it wants to drink. You can choose one you know your cat will like since they come in so many different versions. Some fountains are essentially a bowl which refills automatically while others provide fresher water due to their continuous flow.

Factors to Consider When Setting up an Outdoor Fountain

A lot of people forget the need for an electrical socket or water source close by when thinking about where to put their garden fountain. Occasionally new owners get so caught up in the romanticism of their new purchase that they forget critical details. Since standard power cords are only 12 feet in length, you might need to connect an extension cord to reach the closest 120v outlet. You will also require a water supply close by so that you can effortlessly fill your water fountain. It is challenging to move water from one location to another. The simplest way to fill the fountain is with a nearby hose. A water fountain autofill is an even better alternative, but will call for the help of someone who knows how to set it up since the water has to go through an external line.

Style Variations for Exterior Fountains

Whenever you want to chill out for a bit and get some fresh air, a garden is the perfect spot. There is nothing as beautiful as one to relax in, something you can keep in mind when you are working to get it set up. Investing in a gorgeous garden is good, as it will increase the “curb appeal” and value of your home. Experts recommend adding flowers or trees, a pavement, a beautiful water feature, or unique statues to enhance the overall look of your property.

A water fountain can make a substantial difference to the elegance and tranquility of your garden. A true fantasyland can be created from what used to be a very ordinary spot. You are not the only one who will appreciate the serenity the sounds of the water create; you might also notice an increase in the number of birds and other friendly critters visiting. All attention will now be focused on the beautiful fountain.

The Perfect Tiered Water Feature for your Garden

Fountains with multiple tiers can be found just about anywhere and have been displayed in gardens for many years. These kinds of fountains are widespread in Italy, Spain, and other Mediterranean nations. Likely places to spot them are in courtyards and piazzas. All tiered fountains are beautiful, although some have much more lavish carvings than others.

People love to include them in spots having a more traditional look and feel. If done properly, anyone seeing the fountain will believe it has been there forever.

The Most Recent Inclusion to the Chatsworth Gardens: "Revelation" Fountain

Angela Conner, the widely known British sculptor, crafted “Revelation,” the latest addition to the ornamental exterior fountains of Chatsworth. In celebration of the Queen’s 80th birthday, she was mandated by the late 11th Duke of Devonshire to produce a limited edition bust of Queen Elizabeth designed of brass and steel in 2004. Jack Pond, one of Chatsworth’s earliest ponds, had “Revelation” placed in 1999. It takes on the shape of four big petals made of steel which opens and close with the water flow, alternatively concealing and displaying a golden globe at the sculpture’s heart.

A steel globe painted with gold dust was included in the sculpture, which rests five meters in height and five meters wide. This most recent water fountain is a fascinating addition to the Gardens at Chatsworth because the petals’ movement is totally powered by water.

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